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Digital Video Guestbook



Videobooth is an affordable mobile solution for capturing pictures and videos at your event. The digital guestbook app gives your guests or visitors the opportunity to leave personal messages which are saved directly on your tablet.

  • Mobile app
  • Available on iPad
  • One Time Purchase
  • Very User Friendly
  • Immediately Available
  • 11,99 euro


Getting married in the near future? Videobooth is the mobile app to save all your memories and messages from your friends at your wedding! 

Videobooth should not be missed during your birthday party. Give your guests the opportunity to share a personal happy birthday video and watch them afterwards as much as you want! 

Are you hosting an event? Then give your visitors the possibility to leave a message with the help of the Videobooth app.



In comparison to the ordinary video booths the Videobooth solution is immediately available to download through the Apple store or the Google Play store. Once you bought the Videobooth app you own it so you don't have to rent it each time you are hosting an event.

Videobooth mobile app

Videobooth is designed to be easy and fast for everybody! Videobooth allows users to create multiple events for capturing photos and videos which can be easily exported to your Mac or PC. By adding a logo and a scrapbook you are able to personalise each of your events.

Unique features

Thanks to Videobooth your guests are able to record videos and take photos at your event. Users also have to opportunity to add visual effects to their photos like moustaches, sombreros, etc. All previous video recordings and photos are locked with a password so we ensure that your media is safe.

Discover our mobile app

Download the Videobooth app for only € 11,99